UC & Telephony
Integrate your enterprise communication tools into one unified solution


Time2Market is expert at bringing voice to Office 365. Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.



Click To Call                                                

Inbound / Outbound PSTN Voice

Desktop Video                                             

LAN / WAN Peer-to-Peer Voice             


Instant Messaging / Presence

DID Portability                                             

Outlook Integration Drag & Drop Conferencing

Music On Hold                                            

Personalized Buddy Lists

PC or Mac                                                   

Skype Directory Integration

Familiar User Interface In All Modalities

Analog Telephony Services Integration

Gain the advantages of a cloud contact center and further leverage your investment in O365 and Skype for Business.


Add contact center capability to the Cloud Complete platform and increase sales while creating superior customer interactions.  Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.


Contact Center
Advanced Call Center
Get the calling features you expect, the experience you know, and the functionality you want.


​Time2Market Cloud Complete delivers a PBX Feature Experience from a modern hyperscale cloud infrastructure. Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.


Auto Attendants                                          

Hunt Groups

Simultaneous Ring                                      

Shared Line Appearance

Call Forwarding                                          

Call Park

Voice Mail                                                    

Mobile Phone Soft Client Calling

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Transparent Call Transfer between Devices

Desktop Sharing & Conferencing
Transform your business. Become agile and responsive by utilizing powerful meeting tools that increase productivity

​Time2Market Cloud Complete powered by Skype for Business enables a rich collaboration capability for every meeting, every time.  Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.


Crystal Clear Audio                                      

HD Desktop Video

Direct Dial PSTN Access                             

Integrated Audio Stream

Easy Meeting Setup                                     

Meeting Entry Controls

Single Click Meeting Entry                           

Multi-Party Conferencing

Application Sharing                                      

Desktop Remote Control

Whiteboard Capability                                  

Instant Poll

Advanced Management Portal
Control your world. Monitor your enterprise, facilitate moves, adds & changes and manage your environment with anywhere access on demand.

The Time2Market Portal provides an easy administrative interface to your organization’s Cloud Complete platform.  Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.



Detailed Reports                        

Call History

Call Analysis                              

Add & Delete Users

Password Resets                       

Open Tickets

Number Request                       

See Alarms

24x7 Support                             

Confirmation Notices

Real-time Change                      

Access Training Materials

Dashboard View                        

Global Search

Live Environmental Metrics

Permissions Control – including custom roles

Choose your device. Pick from market leading brands, the latest in innovations, and features that fully leverage the power of the Cloud Complete engine.

Cloud Complete brings flexibility and choice to device selection. Phones, headsets, and gateways from multiple manufacturers are tested and certified to deliver an optimal user experience.  Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.



User Preference                                           

Manufacturer Options

Feature Differentiation                                  

Use Case Flexibility      

Ergonomic Designs                                      

Programmable Buttons

Color Screens                                               

Advanced Features       

DECT Options                                               


Conference Room Phones

Wired / Wireless Headsets Bluetooth Support

Competitive Marketplace Innovations

Lobby, Lunchroom, Loading Dock Solutions

Fax Services
Get the fax. Rethink your capability to provide enterprise fax service without the infrastructure and support overhead.​

Time2Market Cloud Complete extends enterprise grade fax service to your organization.  Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.



Integrates to Email                                      

Fax Number Flexibility


Cover Page Customization

Volume Based Pricing                                

Minimal User Setup or Training

Effortless Migration                                      

No Infrastructure Required

Integration to Multi-Function Print Devices

Support for Legacy Fax Machines

Hit the road. Extend the power of Skype for Business to your mobile device or work from anywhere. Leave the office but not your connection.

Cloud Complete empowers ultimate productivity flexibility.  Stay connected but not constrained when traveling or out of the office.  Experience Skype for Business in a no compromise cloud.




Internet Access = Cloud Complete Access

Work From Anywhere

IOS & Android Apps

Phone, Tablet, PC or Mac Choice

Familiar User Experience

Simultaneous Ring to Multiple Devices

Flexible Presence Management

Enables Mobile Productivity

No VPN Requirement

For Sales




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