Professional Services

There is no substitute for experience and hundreds of thousands of seats deployed by the best team in the business.

Own your environment

​Maintain control with traditional installations designed, deployed, and optimized by the team of world-class engineers from Time2Market.  Benefit from the best practices of Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) and T2M Pro Services for feature rich cloud deployments and migrations.


On Premise Designs                                      

Hybrid Designs

High Availability Configurations                    

DR Failure Planning

Multi-Server Enterprise Edition                      

Single Server Standard Edition

Edge Services Configuration                          

Certificate Verification

OWA Servers                                                

Exchange UM Configuration

Persistent Chat Servers                                

Standard Workloads Enablement

Mobile Client Enablement

Skype for Business Deployments
Onboarding & Implementation
Deploy on time and on budget.

Time2Market brings structured methodology and multi-phase delivery process to your deployment projects.  Get best in the business best practices with T2M Pro Services.




Review Work Scope

Establish Project Ownership

Calendar Project Status Meetings

Identify Business & Technical Functional Requirements

Assign Resources

Call Out Key Objectives

Engineer a Detailed Design Document

Facilitate Operational Knowledge Transfer

Conduct Functional Validation Testing

Finalize Production Rollout

System Turn-Over

Begin Life Cycle Management

Conclude Project

Gather Feedback

Gain confidence in your Layer 3 deployment.

 Let the network professionals at Time2Market analyze your LAN / WAN environment.  Get best in the business best practices with T2M Pro Services.




Engage in Project Planning Discussions

Recommend Third-Party Tools to

   Facilitate Network Data Collection

Perform End-to-End System Trouble Identification

Router / Switch Investigation & Analysis

Network Router Investigation & Review

Internet Access Investigation & Review

DMZ Examination & Analysis

Packet Inspection Implication Analysis

QOS Markings Review

Remediation Recommendations

Define success.

Begin with the end in mind.  Establish success criteria and apply solid principles of planning and change control with the T2M experts.  Get best in the business best practices with T2M Pro Services.



Detail Goals & Objectives

Establish Timelines & Milestones

Discern Resource Requirements

Identify Dependencies

Define Use Cases

Create an End-State Design View

Build a Migration Plan

Detail a Work Breakdown Structure

Clearly Delineate Project Phases

Specify Go / No-Go Transition Gates

Identify Stakeholders / Champions / Blockers

Gateways & Telephony
Secure the border.

Gateways provide a critical demarc in the world of unified communications.  The engineers at Time2Market are expert in configuration and support of transport services connected to your environment.  Get best in the business best practices with T2M Pro Services.




Session Border Controllers                          

Survivable Branch Appliances

Analog Gateways                                         

Dial Plan Normalization

Routing Optimization                                    

SIP Signaling Configuration

TDM Interoperability                                     

Legacy PBX Integration 

Multi-Carrier Support                                    

DoS / DDoS Protection


Real Time Multimedia Support

Virtual Platform Options

Strategic Planning
Network Assessments
Move your mail.

Time2Market plans and executes the transfer of mailboxes and data to Exchange Online.  Get best in the business best practices with T2M Pro Services.


Define Your Current State                              

Assess Technology & Business Objectives

Prepare People & Process                            

Inventory Source Objects

Review Compliance                                        

Establish Recovery Policy

Perform Active Directory Clean Up                

Manage User Identities

Confirm Privileges & Security

Discover & Identity Hardware & Software Elements

Office 365 Migrations
Migrate to the Cloud on your terms.

​Plan your successful Office 365 Migration with the Cloud Experts at Time2Market.  Get best in the business best practices with T2M Pro Services. 



Conduct Project Planning Discussions

Identify Stakeholders

Generate Business & Technical Functional 

    Requirements Documentation

Develop User Migration Plans

Create, Review, and Validate the O365 Tenant

Configure O365 Workloads

Establish & Test Directory Synchronization

Migrate Users

Perform Functional Validation Testing

Optimize the Production Platform

Exchange Migrations
SharePoint Migrations
Set your content free.

Let Time2Market remove the shackles of constraint from your legacy environment and free SharePoint content, so that all users can benefit from improved information architecture and functionality.  Get best in the business best practices with T2M Pro Services.




Inventory & Audit Content               

Prepare an Information Architecture Plan

Examine SharePoint Customizations & Integrations   

Execute the Pre-Migration Checklist

Prepare a Migration Test Plan           

Migrate SharePoint Content

Execute the Post Migration Checklist           

Perform Migration Validation

Review Ongoing Reorganization of Content

Exchange Migrations
Azure Engineering
What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.


T2M offers certified Azure expertise to organizations looking for resources to support cloud computing projects.

T2M technical professionals are leaders in the field with breadth of vision for framing migrations to the cloud

and depth of experience in enabling world-class application performance.


Leverage T2M’s familiarity with configuration management tools and implementation schema to speed deployments,

reduce cycle time, and realize a faster ROI.



Gain flexibility and reliability with on-demand computing power

Pay for services on a consumption basis achieving greater cost-control

Benefit from policies, compliance, and controls that strengthen your security posture

Increase productivity to develop and manage applications

Eliminate disaster concerns with global resiliency and reliability

Move forward faster with T2M’s knowledge of reference architecture, best practices, and design patterns

Experience the difference the T2M White Glove delivery model makes


For Sales



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