May Cloud Services

May 2, 2016

Thank you for using T2MCloud! In addition to a series of minor bug fixes and overall optimization, this month’s Cloud Complete update rolls out a brand new feature designed to aid administrators in managing user accounts – the Locked Accounts report. Let’s take a look:

Locked Accounts Report

For security purposes, user accounts are locked out after five consecutive failed login attempts. Given users’ propensity to forget their password combined with the existence of the Caps Lock key, the occasional accidental account lock is almost guaranteed for most organizations.

The new Locked Accounts report serves two functions: to allow you to view which of your users’ accounts are locked out… and to unlock them, if appropriate. If a user is having issues logging into their client, we now recommend checking the Locked Accounts report as an early step in diagnosing the issue.

To access the Locked Accounts report, login to the Cloud Complete Portaland click Reports in the sidebar:


From the Reports page, click Locked Accounts to view the report:


This report will display all of your locked out users, including the time of the last failed login attempt:

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