June Cloud Services

June 1, 2016

Thank you for using T2MCloud! With this month’s Cloud Complete update, we’re proud to introduce a major feature designed to help administrators save time by delegating specific administrative roles to users in their organization. This month also saw the implementation of two requested features to portal reports, as well as some better-browsing optimization for navigating the portal. Read on for the details!


Delegating Administrative Roles


Take control of permissions within the T2M Cloud Portal.  Your time is valuable! With our new Users & Roles functionality, you can delegate administrative permissions to users within your organization in an extremely granular way. Featuring five preset administrator levels and the ability to create custom roles, this new feature allows you to grant limited powers to users within your organization without making them full-fledged global administrators.

To explore the new Users & Roles menu, simply log into the portal, hover your mouse over your name and click Users & Roles:




Requested Updates and Optimization


You spoke, we listened: Two Portal reports have now been updated after receiving some valuable customer feedback. First, the Locked Accounts Report now includes a column showing exactly what time the user’s account was locked (i.e. the time of the last incorrect password entry).



Second, the Poor Calls report now displays whether the call was a Peer to Peer or a Conference call:


Speaking of reports, we’re always looking to optimize the portal experience. In order streamline navigation and improve efficiency, we’ve implemented a new drop-down menu to every report page allowing you to directly hop from report to report:



This will improve the experience of reviewing multiple reports in a row, as you can now navigate directly to the next report without having to click back to the main menu.

That wraps up the month’s upgrades to the Cloud Complete Portal. Thanks for subscribing to T2MCloud! We hope to continue serving you and your organization’s needs. If you have any questions about this update or suggestions for future changes, please contact your Project Manager – we’d love to hear your feedback!


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