July Cloud Services

July 5, 2016

Thank you for using T2MCloud! Another month means another set of exciting new features for our Cloud Complete customers. With this month’s release we’re thrilled to introduce two new, major tools to the Time2Market Portal! The first, Call Forwarding, allows you to manage your users’ individual call forwarding settings like never before. The second introduces a global search bar with customized navigation to the Portal homepage – increasing your efficiency by getting you where you need to go in as few clicks as possible. 


Call Forwarding


Call Forwarding is a brand new configuration menu in the portal, accessible for each user in your organization. You can navigate to a user’s Call Forwarding menu from their individual Edit User page orUsers search page (shown below).


When you first open a user’s call forwarding menu, you’ll see the user’s Call Forwarding settings currently configured in their client:


You can now edit the user’s call forwarding settings directly from this menu, without the need for the user’s login credentials! Previously, it was only possible to edit these settings by actually logging into the Skype for Business client as the user – but with the Time2Market portal, you can now remotely set a user’s settings to either Forward or Simultaneous Ring with a destination of another user in your organization, a telephone number, or even send incoming calls straight to voicemail.  For a more detailed run-down of this feature’s full functionality, download the newly-updated Cloud Complete Portal Administrator’s Guide. You’ll find this feature documented in section 4.2, starting on page 6.  Global SearchYou’ll notice the new global search bar at the top of your dashboard as soon as you log in to the portal:


In our never-ending quest for improved efficiency, the new global search bar allows you to instantly navigate to different sections of the portal with ease. You can begin typing the name of any user in your organization in this box to jump to their Edit User page directly – or you can begin a number of administrative task, like modifying Call Groups, simply by starting to type the name of the feature you need. To the right you’ll find the complete list of global search keywords. These search functions will display as a drop-down from the search box once you type a minimum of three characters – for example, you do not need to type “View Billing Information” in entirety – you can type “Billing” and the option will appear.


If you have any suggestions for new keywords or functionality for the global search bar that you’d like to see, please submit suggestions to feedback@t2mdev.comThat wraps up the month’s upgrades to the Cloud Complete Portal. Thanks for subscribing to T2MCloud! We hope to continue serving you and your organization’s needs. If you have any questions about this update or suggestions for future changes, please contact us at feedback@t2mdev.com– we’d love to hear from you!

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