February Cloud Services

February 2, 2017

Thank you for using T2MCloud! It’s a little over a month into 2017, and the wizards behind the T2M Cloud Complete service have been hard at work preparing yet another major feature release. This month’s update, launching with the release of this newsletter, brings centralized and customizable provisioning for Polycom VVX series phones to the Cloud Complete portal. 

One of the strengths of the Polycom VVX series is the depth of customization. However, without a specialized provisioning server, changes need to be made on a per-phone basis. With the new VVX Provisioning tool in the portal, organization administrators can manage all VVX phones company-wide from one centralized page. Let’s get into the details!


Portal-Based Polycom VVX Provisioning

Using this portal-based tool, you can manage multiple locations separately, generating a unique provisioning URL for each. This is particularly useful for large organizations with multiple physical locations: 




Once you configure your on-premises DHCP server with the generated provisioning URL, all phones that check into the server will be automatically populated in your Device list, distinguished by both their SIP and MAC addresses. You can also manually add phones by MAC address:



Once your phones have checked into the provisioning server, you have access to view the phones’ information directly in the portal. Not only are the SIP, MAC and IP addresses all displayed along with the current firmware info – you also have the ability to directly download the phone’s log files… without having to log into the phone’s clunky web interface directly!



You can also assign each device to a group. Within each location you can establish an infinite number of sub-groups, with customized configurations for the phones contained therein. The customization possibilities are endless using our configuration file generator:



Beyond the options shown above, some other highlights include:


·       Changing the displayed options on the phone’s Home screen – don’t want users changing any settings after all this custom configuration work? Hide the Settings button!

·       Change default transfer type (blind / consultative)

·       Ring type

·       Exchange calendar integration

·       QoS settings

·       Enable / disable specific audio codecs

·       Power saving features


The number of options across all subsections is so large they can’t all be listed directly in this newsletter; you’ll have to check them out for yourself!


If your organization has Polycom VVX phones deployed and you’re interested in using this tool to manage your devices, please contact your account manager for further details.


That wraps up the month’s upgrades to the Cloud Complete service. Thanks for subscribing to T2MCloud! We hope to continue serving you and your organization’s needs. If you have any questions about this update or suggestions for future changes, please contact us at feedback@t2mdev.com–we’d love to hear from you!

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