November Cloud Services

November 2, 2016

Thank you for using T2MCloud! You spoke, we listened! We’re excited to announce that October’s Cloud Complete Portal update fulfills our #1 customer request by greatly expanding end user call history reporting. Rather than being limited to viewing a user’s 10 most recent calls, administrators can now pull up to 100 calls at a time from any given user’s call history, filtered by date and time. We’re also pleased to announce expanded functionality to the Call Detail Records and pass along some exciting news from Microsoft for Mac enthusiasts. Read on!


Call History


You’ll find the new, expanded call history search function on every user’s Call History page, located on the bottom left:


The default selection is to display the last 10 calls. Clicking on the drop-down will allow you to change to Date/Time Search to search for any of that user’s calls from any time in the last 180 days:


Use the calendar and clock icons to select a date and time, select a maximum number of calls to be returned, and click Search. The resulting call history will be displayed on the right side of the page. You can then double-click on any call to view the Call Detail Record for any of these historical calls.


Call Analysis


In addition to expanded call history searching, we’ve also expanded the Call Detail Record page to include additional features for analyzing your users’ calls. You’ll find these new features in tabs at the bottom of each call record:


The Analysis tab is selected by default, which gives a plain-English explanation of some potential causes for any call quality issues encountered during the call along with some suggested solutions. In this example call, you will see that both end users were on Wi-Fi connections, and the call experienced a moderate level of packet loss as a result. This feature can be especially useful for helpdesk users. The Mid-Call Graphs tab shows a graphical display of call quality throughout the call*, and the Call Data tab displays additional information regarding each endpoint involved. For a more detailed rundown of these new features, please consult our Cloud Complete Administrator’s Manual. 

*Mid-call graphs are an advanced feature which requires one of the endpoints to be the Skype for Business software client version 16.x or later. Mid-call data is retained for 60 days. 


Skype for Business on Mac


The final piece of news for this update isn’t specific to the T2M Cloud Complete service, but it’s definitely worth a call-out – Microsoft has announced that the long-awaited Skype for Business Mac Client is now available for public use! Specially-built for Mac users, this client is compatible with the Cloud Complete service and can be downloaded directly from Microsoft here.


That wraps up the month’s upgrades to the Cloud Complete service. Thanks for subscribing to T2MCloud! We hope to continue serving you and your organization’s needs. If you have any questions about this update or suggestions for future changes, please contact us at– we’d love to hear from you!

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