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May 1, 2017

Automated New Number Requests Added!

Thank you for using T2M Cloud! A few months ago, we added automated New Number Requests to your administrative toolset in the Cloud Complete portal. With this month’s portal update, we’re proud to expand that functionality further—rather than simply requesting new numbers, you can now automatically start your Existing Number Ports directly in the portal! Let’s see how it works.



Port / Move Existing Numbers


To access the new number port feature, navigate in the portal by clicking Support in the sidebar, and then clicking the Request New Numbers tab along the top of the page. The default form is generated for new number requests—click the Request Type drop-down menu halfway down the page to change this to Port/Move Existing Numbers:




To generate your request, simply fill in the required fields and click Submit at the bottom of the page. The requested date is limited to 6 weeks from port submission at a minimum. If you have any questions about the information required, please contact your sales representative.


In addition to the new port request feature, we’ve also updated the portal dashboard to include updates and notifications regarding your new number requests and number port requests.

You will begin seeing these notifications once you have submitted a request, and they will be updated continuously until the request is completed.





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