Cloud Services Sept 2017

September 13, 2017



Thank you for using T2MCloud! This month’s update to the Cloud Complete 
portal streamlined the user creation process for non-synced customers, 
expanded our already-robust reporting, and implemented several important 
bugfixes. Read on!

Create User Functionality
This feature addition applies only to customers who are not able (or choose not to) 
use the Hosting Controller application to live-sync Active Directory details and 
passwords to Cloud Complete. In the past, your organization’s administrators have 
had to submit a support ticket for each new user creation, incurring some 
turnaround time. Now, the power is in your hands to create new users at will! 
If you are one of these organizations, you’ll notice the following button changes on 
your User page:

(Every organization gets the nifty new icons, however)

The old “Enable User” button goes away, and is replaced by “Create User.” Clicking 
on this button will bring you to the following form entry:

Simply fill in the required information and click “Create User” to begin the process. 
This sends the commands directly to the server queue for creation, so make sure to 
double-check everything! Recall that best practices would be for the user UPN / SIP 
to match their Office 365 account whenever possible. Once the script is completed, 
you will be notified with a toast pop-up on your Portal screen and the user will be 
available for editing in the main Users search. 

If you think that your organization is supposed to have this functionality but the 
button doesn’t show up, please submit a support ticket for assistance. 


Updates to Reporting
First, the Poor Calls Report has a new pie chart – shown on the right in the 
screenshot below, this breaks down poor call metrics into the broad categories of 
Peer-to-Peer, Conference and PSTN:

This data can be useful in determining the root cause of a broad issue with call 
quality both for Tier 1 and when Time2Market support is investigating a case. 


Further quality-of-life improvements to the Reports page involve exporting data. 

There are two major changes here to note:

   *Exports now report as .csv files rather than .xlxs for easier file handling and 
    smaller file sizes. 
   *Files now export with an automatic descriptive name including the report 
    type and a unique identifier, rather than the previous generic filename that 
    necessitated re-naming every export. 


Many of our bugfixes this week applied to the reporting module, as well. If your 
organization has struggled with any of the following issues, you can now have 
    *Fixed a bug that would strip the 0 off of international numbers when 
     exporting data
    *Fixed a bug that would prevent the pie charts from appearing when 
     switching months
    *Fixed a bug that would cause the PSTN Summary Report to crash


That wraps up the month’s upgrades to the Cloud Complete service. Thanks for subscribing to 
T2MCloud! We hope to continue serving you and your organization’s needs. If you have any questions 
about this update or suggestions for future changes, please contact us at– 
we’d love to hear from you!

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